New Rules

Bringing a vast amount of insight and experience in the field of customer economics (where customers and market development meet the financial KPIs), we have addressed a host of strategic customer issues and identified major new market opportunities, all with significant financial implications. 

In 2018 we detected a major change in the business climate. And in August 2019 we saw 181 CEOs of major US corporations redefine the purpose of a company. The rules are changing.  

For many business leaders, protecting and increasing future profit or margin isn’t getting any easier, especially in a climate where market change is becoming more rapid and less predictable than ever before. This challenge is made even greater as the previously accepted ways to generate profit seem to be losing their power. Riding a growth wave, building economies of scale, creating barriers to entry, cutting costs, driving efficiencies are all showing their limitations in these market conditions.

So. The time is right for our business thinking. It is thinking that stems from customer economics, and one which is ideally placed to continually create new opportunities from market change. It also puts an extra set of profit levers on the boardroom table capable of adding as much as 25% to next year’s profit or margin.  Yes … add 25% to next year’s profit or margin!!