The BIG Customer Review

The largest customer review in the UK and Europe, The Big Customer Review, is a review into how much you know – or don’t know – about Customers and how they think!

How much do you really know about your Customers?

Customers.  We all have them.  And on the whole, we love them – though this is not always the case as we know.  Increasingly, we are hearing honesty about ‘clients are a pain in the butt’ and ‘our business would be so much more efficient if without clients’. Yes, really!

So, why is this?  Dig a bit deeper, and there is a sensitive and defensive side about what we know and don’t know about Customers, and it’s not something many of us like talking about, but we need to. 

Do you really know what your Customers are thinking?  

That’s why we’d like to open the door on Customers; your Customers. We want to know all the details – what you know about them, what you don’t know about them, how important your Customers really are to you, what you think they love about you, what you think they don’t love about you, what you love about them and … what you don’t love about them.  And then, knowing this sort of information, what can you do about it?  That’s the important bit … what can be done. 

At GreenField, we’re firm believers in the power of Customer Intelligence. From our own research, we know it’s central to business and profitability yet still Customers and what we know about them and how they think simply doesn’t get the attention it deserves. 

Let’s see what makes Customers think … Contribute now

By taking part in The Big Customer Review, and helping us open up the conversation around Customers, you’ll be contributing to important research on how Customers think. Together, we’ll be able to shine a light on what better Customer understanding looks like and provide advice around areas where there might be cause for concern and, critically, how we can action what we actually know about Customers for commercial wellbeing.  

Your Customers are talking about you.  It’s time to listen.

In fact, if you do listen, you are likely to be sitting on an untapped gold mine.