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We’re here to change the way business thinks about Customers & Profitability.

The GreenField Organisation is an innovative advisory and business support firm specialising in helping business leaders to understand the source of cashflow (the customer), what affects their buying decisions and the opportunity to turn that into business advantage.  Our work helps leadership teams to recognise and treat customers as a business asset. 

Our work includes:

  • How to measure, protect and increase the value of customers (as a business objective and as a strategy)
  • How customers (as the source of future cash flow) may be managed as a business asset
  • Which customer performance indicators are most useful
  • How customer KPIs can be linked to the financial KPIs
  • How to drive those customer KPIs to increase profit, margin, value of the business (EV) etc.

Improving internal capability in these areas has the potential to add significant value to existing operations.  This results in a stream of quick wins along with the potential to add an extra 25% to next year’s profit or margin.

Areas of speciality include:

  • Business Growth
  • Customer Value
  • Profitability
  • Customer Economics

Why is this important?

This is a new business frontier for the relationship between customers and profitability. A frontier that opens the door to a stream of win-win-win solutions.

Doing more for the customer and employees no longer needs to compete with financial returns. Now it is not just possible for everyone to win, but to win easier, bigger and better.

This is our mission: to show there is a more rewarding path to profit, to seek out new ways to create value for customers, to uncover hidden market opportunities, and to boldly champion a new relationship between customers and profitability.